With the influence of my parents’ love for music I became immersed at an early age. When I was four years old I started playing the hand drums. Ever since then drumming has been a passion of mine. I was born in New Orleans to two wonderful parents who indulged in a variety of music. Festivals, concerts, exposure to recordings helped shape my musical appreciation of today.

My early childhood was spent in Portland, Oregon. In this city of roses I participated in drumming circles. My hand drum accompanied me on fishing trips, camping adventures, and just about every other place allowable. I started gaining performance experience through percussion backing for the church choir on special occasions.

By the age ten the drum kit became my new phase. By then my family and I were living in Vancouver, Washington. While attending the blind school there I studied with the music director, who happened to be a degreed symphonic percussionist, for eight years. Through studying with her I gained more in-depth music education, stage performance experience, and ensemble playing.

Over the years I’ve studied with various Jazz and Latin drummers, especially during my time obtaining my degree from Berklee College of Music of Boston. Along the way I met inspiring musicians such as Evelyn Glennie and Pat Metheny.

Knowing that music is an art enjoyed by many I found myself wanting to teach; and so I did, starting in 2006. Now I am here, offering lessons for students, and sharing the sound of music with my Jazz band!