Lila Hunt
Western Pleasure/Driving
Ridgefield, Washington

Lila Hunt is a Western Pleasure/Hunt Seat/Driving instructor. She’s been working with horses for many years. Any questions about fees and services should be directed to Lila Hunt via either phone or email.

Missy Axton-Wryn
Estacada, Oregon
Natural horsemanship Centre of Oregon
“W” Holistic Horsemanship Trainer, Frank Bell Accredited Instructor
In Oregon: 503-630-3744
Toll Free 1-866-821-0374

Missy specializes in retraining troubled or “problem” horses. She considers the whole horse – diet, feet, skin, muscle, saddle fit, and uses practitioners to help bring the horse out of his discomfort. Missy specializes in training stallions and coins them as “my favourite” to work with. You can contact her via phone, email, or web site.

Dr. Mark DePaolo
Travelling practitioner, Oregon/Washington

Dr. DePaolo is a certified and trained vet who specializes in chiropractor and acupuncture. He is one of the highly respected practitioners on the field. He can be contacted via phone.