Along with teaching I offer recording services. This service can be used via the internet or locally. These services can be used by an artist looking to produce a demo or simply need drum kit and or percussion tracks added to his/her recording project.

I use Protools recording software and professional microphones for the recording of drum and percussion tracks. Google drive is my primary file sharing method but I am open to other means of file transfers. Local recordings is provided for studio project in the Vancouver, WA area.

The instruments include hand drums such as congas and bongos; drum kit; triangle; shakers; washboard… I promise to deliver you quality and professional results!


Contact me if you are interested in my services. Fees and or royalties will be part of the contract that we agree upon. Conducting fair business has always been my policy; any contract will be professionally reviewed before proceeding with the project. I look forward to helping you with your recording projects.