Scroll through the headings to find out about the lesson services I offer. I teach ages 4 and up on percussion and in music theory.


To appreciate music is to appreciate the silences as well as the sounds around you. Nature is a marvelous resource for hearing this. We, humans can do similar in our playing of instruments.

Music is an enjoyable source of expression. I want you to have a good time when studying this form of expression. That is rule number 1 for me.

In my program you can expect to learn about various drumming techniques and genres. These include Rock; Jazz; Reggae; Latin amongst others. Body mechanics, relaxation, and injury-preventing techniques will help enhance your playing ability.

As you progress finding music recordings to play along to will both give you an opportunity to practice your newly learned skills and help challenge you on becoming a better musician. When you are ready I help find other musicians to play with outside of the lessons. I believe in putting what you learn into practical and fun use!

Lessons are designed based on your learning style. A safe, clean environment is important to me as I want you to feel comfortable, happy, and most importantly, have a blast learning and playing music!


Drum kit and percussion lessons

Have you always wanted to play the drums? Or try out different percussion instruments? In my program I offer drum kit as well as percussion lessons.

I will bring the instructions to you either in person or virtually. My belief is that you will do best on your familiar instrument of choice. Either in person or virtually we will have a grand time!

If studying virtually, fear not! I offer online lessons via Skype or zoom. All you need is a computer with an internet connection, and the instrument you will be learning about. The beauty of taking lessons online is that you will not need to leave your home!

I encourage my students to learn how to play a variety of instruments even when specializing on one. Come join me in exploring the various sounds that you can make! And call music!

Music Theory

What is music theory? It is the language that music is built upon. I can help you improve your music reading skills, increase your terminology, grow your understanding of how music works in both traditional and modern concepts. With these skills you can communicate your ideas to other musicians in both verbal and written form.

My percussion students learn theory along the way. Others can choose to join my program for music theory tutoring and lessons, even if not studying a percussion instrument. Perhaps you need some tutoring to get through classes at school; or maybe to help you have a more enjoyable experience in your choir or band. Get in touch with me and we can discuss your goals!

Music Braille

Music Braille is the equivalent of print music. Musicians who are blind use music Braille to help study music or to learn a new musical piece. Music Braille has helped me through competitions, performances, and studying music theory. The Library of Congress Braille section is always adding new pieces for musicians to use.

I offer lessons in music Braille to anyone who is interested in expanding their reading abilities. Music Braille covers vocals, string, percussion, woodwind, and brass. Even if you are not blind but teaching a musician with visual challenges I encourage you to send your students to me or study the music Braille code to better help your students.


Having a visiting musician at your school or organization is a great way of getting outside perspective. Students enjoy hearing different ways of looking at musical situations. In my clinics students can ask questions regarding drum kit and percussion playing. Students will be given the opportunity to explore stage performance techniques, too.

I offer several kinds of clinics. One clinic addresses the specific needs of drummers and percussionists. The other one addresses the ensemble as a whole. Being a musician means listening to each other’s playing. Having excellent stage performance technique is important to a successful stage presence; I can help students improve in this matter as well.

Get in touch with me if you are interested in hosting a clinic at your music program, school or virtually. I look forward to meeting your talented students!

Online Payments

If writing a check or running to the bank for cash is not your style, I offer a payment option via a credit card form. You can also use this option to pay for your online lessons or for audio and visual media to supplement your learning. My CDs and DVDs are available upon your request.

We will be accepting online payments soon

You can pay for your lessons on a by-lesson or monthly bases. As for buying a lesson CD or DVD, let me know the subject you are interested in. I will let you know if it is or when it will be available; once the payment has been received, either via mail or online, I will send your copy of the lesson out to you!