When Does a Horse Need a Massage?

I’ve been asked “when does a horse need massage?” This is not such an easy question to answer and a short answer does not justify the meaning of the question; because of this I decided to write an article on this question. I suggest reading the article “The Benefits of Equine Massage” before...

Touch up animal massage law, state urged

He dressed in a smart navy jacket and yellow tie. He brought his guide dog, Sprocket, copies of his testimony and a textbook on horse anatomy five volumes thick. He told members of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Rural Economic Development that he'd paid out of his own pocket to get...

Too Young, Too Rushed

I receive emails or phone calls from people asking about training a horse. I am deeply concerned with this matter as I feel a lot of breaking down of horses come from training at a too early an age. Dr. Deb Bennett is an expert on this and from research, along with field work I come to understand...

The Benefits of Massage for Broodmares

Are you considering how a broodmare can benefit from massage; you are already doing a big favor by doing so. Let us not forget that mares experience a wide variety of physical, hormonal, and emotional changes. Our responsibility is to give the broodmare the most caring and loving support...

SSB 5403 Testimonial

I am certified in Equine therapeutic and sports massage by a nationally accredited program. Because of my love of horses I studied massage so that I could work with them in a hands-on approach. I have been a rider since age three, studying English, Western and Dressage horsemanship.

Saving the Soft Tissue

It is important to remember that we can forget the horse’s welfare and do as we please with them. However, most of us are able to return to putting the horse’s health first before the desires to do with them as we please. A lot of physical problems result from our desire to rush the horse through...

Saddle Fitting

Saddle fitting is an important piece to making your horse comfortable. I have skills in saddle fitting based on my sense of touch along with education as a massage therapist. I can help you understand how a saddle fits properly so that muscles are not restricted; nerves are not pinched...

Riding Straight

In this article we will discuss how our riding affects horses. There are no specific style or ding mentioned here. No matter the discipline riders should do their best on horseback. The more balanced the rider the eaiser the horse can move.

Natural Solution for Riders

I’ve been using Advocare products to help me improve my riding. While we focus on keeping the horse healthy, we should strive to keep ourselves as healthy as possible as well. Since taking particular Advocare products, my joint aches have disappeared.

Keeping Your Horse on A Massage Schedule and Why

Clients often want to know when to schedule the next session. I tell them that it depends on the horse's condition. Usually I advise the horses to be on a one-a-month schedule, other times I tell them weekly. I've been on the field long enough to observe...

Insights of being an animal massage therapist

After receiving emails and phone calls from people who are interested in becoming an Equine massage therapists I thought an article on this topic would be helpful. This article focuses on the insights of being an Equine massage therapist.

Improving Animal Massage Law of Washington

I am proud to tell you that there is a bill in Senate improving animal laws and regulations. The current law states that in order to be certified in Washington one must take 500 hours of human massage and 100 animal massage training. This does not make any sense.

How to help the Equine massage therapist

My clients sometimes ask me if they can do anything to help; others do not even ask me how they can help. I thought I write this article to help clients and horsemen in general prepare for an Equine massage session. An unprepared horseman is not at fault therefore it is the therapist's job...

Horse Massage WA Letter

My name is Vaughn Brown, currently a Senior at the Washington State School for the Blind and certified in equine therapeutic and sports massage. I met you in November while you were touring WSSB. I met you in November while you were touring WSSB.

Herbal Remedy Benefits

Herbs have been used for thousands of centuries and they are still used today. There are thousands of plants that are able to offer healing solutions and many problems can be reduced using such herbs. Herbal remedies should be used to enhance health and to complement Western medicines.

Equine Massage Therapy Questions & Answers

I like to share questions asked by the client's owners or people in general. Please, I welcome questions and will do my best to answer them. As time progresses there will be more questions and answers added to this page.

Encouraging Conventional & Massage Therapy Partnership

Many people ask me if Equine massage therapy is better, safer, or more effective than conventional, Western medical techniques; the answer is they should compliment each other.

Benefits of Massage

Massage can help horses in many ways Massage is the act of softening muscles to ease discomfort. This can help reduce bad behavior. Misbehaving is the horse's way of telling humans something is wrong. Discomfort or pain may be the issue.

Animal massage combined with Conventional techniques

Massage therapy has been in use for hundreds of centuries by healers. Over time, people are discovering how massage can be applied to animals, when before it was strictly humans who received the therapy.