Greetings Equine enthusiasts

My name is Vaughn Brown and I am a certified Equine Massage Therapist. I received my education and certification from Bridge Creek Ranch Equine Massage Training in Silverton, Oregon. It’s my passion to help horses feel better through touch.

Following my first experience on a horse at the age of three horses have played a large role in my life. In the ensuing years I studied as much about the horse as I possibly could. This I’ve done through training with professionals, reading literature, and best of all allowing the horse to be the teacher.

When I was eighteen I decided to study Equine massage therapy. I now help horses and occasionally other critters feel better through touch. My specialty is deep tissue work, which is used to address soft tissue more directly and to effectively promote a healthier body.

Deep tissue massage works well for easing physical discomfort, releasing endorphins, increasing blood flow and a variety of other benefits. You will find information on this web site that further explains Equine massage and what I do with it to ease discomfort amongst our four-legged friends. I encourage you to sign up for my Facebook page for updates! In the meanwhile safe rides!