Saddle fitting is an important piece to making your horse comfortable. I have skills in saddle fitting based on my sense of touch along with education as a massage therapist. I can help you understand how a saddle fits properly so that muscles are not restricted; nerves are not pinched and give you and your horse more comfort when riding. A misfitting saddle can cause a lot of issues including: preventing the shoulders or hips from moving freely, pinch nerves along the back, and prevent the movement of the back and causing sore areas from rubbing. Saddles can also be too heavy, small, narrow, large or broad for your horse. As a rider who wants a comfortable and balanced horse you should consider having someone who has skills in saddle fitting pay a visit to your horse. I can help you saddle fit your horse during a massage session or separately. Please contact me if you want to have your saddle examined and fitted. I look forward to improving your horse’s comfort and balance.