Do you find yourself needing more energy and mental focus? Or wants longer endurance and less soreness when working with horses? I may have a solution for you!

I’ve been using Advocare products to help me improve my riding. While we focus on keeping the horse healthy, we should strive to keep ourselves as healthy as possible as well. Since taking particular Advocare products, my joint aches have disappeared. My endurance has increased. My mental focus is much better. The after-riding soreness is very slight, if any at all.

What I love about the products is that the ingredients are carefully formulated using Mother Nature to help us. Some of the products of my personal choice includes Spark and Slam; Muscle Fuel, which increases endurance; Muscle Gain, which helps burns body fat while keeping the muscles; and Post-Work Out shake, which reduces that soreness after working out!

As always I am happy to answer questions.
Happy trails!