I am proud to tell you that there is a bill in Senate improving animal laws and regulations. The current law states that in order to be certified in Washington one must take 500 hours of human massage and 100 animal massage training. This does not make any sense. Humans and animals are two different fields when it comes to doctoring, caring for or giving alternative treatments such as massage. The new bill separates the human massage from animal massage. However, it now requires 300 hours of training. After doing serious research of other states and schools I found that 300 hours is unheard of. I also disagree with this number based on my personal experience and the results of my research. Based on what other states and schools regulate regarding animal massage therapy the numbers in Washington should change from 300 to 100-150. I like to ask your support in making this change happen. To help you in supporting the improved changes I listed Both Senator Brandland and Senator Rasmussen’s web site below. On their web sites are contact methods.

I also included the letter, a newspaper article and the testimony. This may help you understand the situation better. With your help I enhance my ability to help Washington horses!
Thank you very much for helping out!

Senator Dale Brandland

Senator Marilyn Rasmussen