Herbs have been used for thousands of centuries and they are still used today. There are thousands of plants that are able to offer healing solutions and many problems can be reduced using such herbs. Herbal remedies should be used to enhance health and to complement Western medicines. Remedies can be used as part of the feeding program so as to encourage a healthy horse.

Herb remedies come in multiple forms including: brews, teas, ointments, or can be offered fresh or dried to the horse. Herbal treatment can help with both internal and external problems or help balance out the horse’s health. The wonderful fact about herbs is that it is natural.

Horses are designed to feed off the land and these herbs are found in nature. Horses knows that such herbs can help them; however as we, the humans, are the one to select their diet the horses are unable to choose for themselves the herbs. With this in mind it should be our job to provide the horses the herbs they need. It is only fair.

I now offer herb treatment as part of my services. Most problems may be addressed with herb remedies and it is my job, as an alternative practitioner to offer you and your horse the best. The cost of the remedy all depends on if you want to provide the herbs or if you want me to provide them.

I am a strong believer in being a student at all times and letting the horse be the teacher. Please remember that herbal remedies are not cures and should be treated as a compliment to Western medicine or philosophies. Feel free to contact me with your concerns and I will research and get back to you ASAP.